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24/08/1388 - Gaining title of "Top Young Manager of Country" by Golsar Fars Development and Research Manager

منبع خبر : Golsar news team

The third national festival of young producers was performed in IRB center of international congress in 14 November 2009 at 2:00 pm.In this festival, after assessments and examinations by scientific commission of festival, the young elites of country's industry who were selected under 3 titles of Top manager, Top manufacturing- service unit and Top exporter unit were introduced. Engineer Hamidreza Nemati, Research & Development  Manager of Golsar Fars, succeeded to attain title of top country manager.

Festival report:

This ceremony was continued by presence of high ranking officials of country including Minster of Industry and Mine, Minster of Labor and Social Affairs, Chairman of National Youth Department and president's counselor, assistant manager of Islamic Parliament, chairman of Industry and Mine Commission in Islamic Parliament, Board of director and other operators of Iran Industry and Mine House and some consultants and assistants of Industry and Mine Ministry and Labor and Social affairs Engineer Bahonar, honorable vice-president of I Islamic parliament also submitted his lecture concentrating on plan of making subsidies objective, principle 44, method and rate of improving the discussion of privatization.
Moreover, he highlighted the positive view of parliament in approving and expediting Engineer Bazrpash`s suggestive plans in supporting youngsters.
Dr.Sheikh-Islami Minister of Labor and Social Affairs considered the lack of sufficient skill of labor force and trend to work in government body as the most important complications of country's Industry and labor.
Engineer Mehrabiyan, honorable Minster of Industry and Mine counted
non-programmed development and strategy and lack of accurate decision-making in some industries and experimental and traditional development as the basis of some problems for a group of craftsmen.
He also pointed that after executing plan of making subsidies decisive, the difference between intentional industrial plans and non-studied plans appeared more than before.
The industrial young society can answer to current industrial problems. Today, we need technology and the gate of development and improvement is industry that its potential is available, and motivating the community of young elites is our only duty.
Youngsters should consider step by step and long-term improvement.

To remove technological problems and solve technological issues, there is no way except motivating, emboldening and permitting risk to youngsters. After all, the society can develop by respecting to past generations and pioneers, and it means using their experience as the experience of several generations and avoiding denial of our civilization.
The most important distress for pioneers is to manage the industry in the future, and youngsters should assure them and continue this way.
In continuation of session, Engineer Bazrpash as the top young manager and Engineer Mehrabiyan and Dr.Sheikh-Islami as supporter of youngsters were appreciated by presenting festival statue and tablet.
Also, 6 pioneers of country's industry were appreciated by granting festival medal and statue.
At the end of festival, young elites of country's industry were also introduced and appreciated by granting festival tablet and citation from UNIDO as top young craftsman.The ceremony finished at 21Ministry and UNIDO agents in Iran accompanying with lecturing about different aspects of industry and role of young elites in advancing Iran Industry.
Engineer Bazrpash, the president's counselor and chairman of National Youth Department promised that by help of Government Council he will present his own suggestive plan based on considering tax discount and export conveniences to 20 percent for industrial companies which profit young managers. Also, he emphasized necessity of using young managers as guarantor of success in any industrial section and outstanding role of young forces in all advances and achievements of country.

کلیه حقوق برای شرکت چینی بهداشتی گلسار فارس محفوظ است / پیاده سازی از شرکت مهندسی نیل وی فارس